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AOLTTWHATFWMMFC (habitat, 2013)
planet (habitat, 2013)
treees (habitat, 2012)
i liked a lot of music in 2009 but apparently didn't like myself (self-published, 2012)
male, black (self-published, 2010)


selected pieces
there are so many of us thinking abt absolutely nothing (via zoomoozophone review)
i <3 u w the moon & sun
I ALWAYS GET A COLD WHEN I VISIT NEW YORK (via keep this bag away from children)
high profile search and seizure: a compendium of bizarre hazing rituals the fbi never wanted you to know existed (via html giant)
here's the thing about proving to someone the existence of your undying love for them
I WANT TO BE A PEREGRINE FALCON (via affectionate vol no. 1)
MARS (an excerpt from a very early draft of the novel Planet)
four poems (via what weekly)
two concrete poems (via housefire)
every astronaut i've done sex with (via everyday genius)
the president (via gayng)
'third york' recap
the man on the moon lives alone w/ matthew baker thompson (via parlor)
three-person shower (via no prizes)
eskimo bros (via reality hands)
cats eye nebula apathy syndrome (via shabby doll house)
emily (via up literature)
what are we doing (via now that's what i call alternative literature)
insects i've murdered
i honestly can't tell if i feel more like the fonz or mowgli (via meat confetti)
our bodies (via shabby doll house)
moooooooooom w/ willis plummer & stacey teague (via habitat)
hahahahahahaha (via new wave vomit)
celestial body shitshow
poetry collection 'accepted' but never posted/printed in pangur ban party
the definitive traveler's guide to the united states of america w/ megan boyle
fxxx plus or the ballad of savvy gibson and the six tees (feature length screenplay)